Essay on Are there multiple selves?

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Are there multiple selves or, just one essential self?
Walking around with a crowd inside our brief case might seem a bit radical when we fundamentally have one heart, one mind, one body. But in reality we entwine that self we have contained, into a myriad of selves flourishing our personality to a question-less clique. Essentially we are many in one, just like earth: having one earth with many selves in it: one galaxy with many planets and so on and so forth. The way things are perceive are inherently the way we want to decipher our environment and based on that comes the abstract element we want to partake. With experiments done by Gazzaniga, such a reality can be issued as well as “The Consciousness of Self” by William James supporting
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Coming back to the idea of having multiple selves within us. We’re certain people with different individuals and act that way based on our comfort level: “We feel and act about certain things that are ours very much as we feel and act about ourselves”(James). William James comes up with the concept of having more than one self at an early stage of psychology. Supporting his idea of this being true he constructs his support ideally based on observation as well as self-experimenting. He articulates that: “The constituents of the self may be divided into two classes, those that make up respectively [of]…the material self, the social self, and the spiritual self” once more coming back to having various selves. James’ ideas advocates the thought of having more than one self by elaborating on what he meant by the, “material self, the social self, and the spiritual self”(James). The material self he explains by saying that: the body is the innermost part of the material self in each of us; and certain parts of the body seem more intimately ours than the rest. The clothes come next. The old saying that the human person is composed of three parts - soul, body and clothes (James).
People never realized that this whole time they’ve been saying there are more than one self but never fully understanding what they meant by it. As for the social self he paraphrases that it’s “the

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