Are People Born Equal? Essay

1180 Words Jul 28th, 2016 null Page
Are people born equal? People are different from the moment they are born; their families are decided and can’t be changed. Some children are born in the top 1% families, called upper class, which hold over 41.8% of the wealth in the US. () Conversely, most children are born in middle class families and lower class families, which account 99% of families. () The different family class backgrounds cause children to develop and to be treated differently, which is called classism. When people talk about class, it always connects with race, and sex, which are natural, unchangeable features that can’t be controlled. () Is class division really as those words say unable to change during a generation, or could the class barriers be broken through bootstraps of middle-class’s and lower-class’s offspring? In this essay, I will explain why the possibility of breaking into the top 1% is controversial. One side is supporting that the rich continue to become richer, and it is almost impossible for people from lower class families to enter the upper class. The opposing thought is that the success is more related to abilities and determination of the person, which is not limited by the family background. Furthermore, others believe the most common way to improve class is through education, which also has limitations.
The wealth inequality between classes can significantly affect children’s quality of their lives and future development. The top 0.01% families hold over 10% of all wealth,…

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