Analysis Of White Trash

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White trash has become a massive history in America dating back from the colonial period in Jamestown to the present day. Isenberg, in her book about the ‘white trash’ and as ‘the face of a white trash’, explains the unpleasant fine points of our national identity, tying to the America’s social hierarchy and how America has never offered an equal opportunity to all white comers. She gives us a very powerful insight about how the imagery of the class system and the consistency of prejudice is evolving over the years. She also traces on the white stereotype from its root of the British belief that the working class was indeed a separate race from the middle and the upper class who were considered as lazy and stupid. The two major points that Isenberg makes a really convincing claim to us an audience is on the very true face of the class system and the ‘White Trash’ which sheds a light on the history of political demography beginning …show more content…
There is so much more to the so called ‘class system’ than we tend to look from our normal eyes. Looking at how Americans talk about the class system, there are long lists of terms and slurs used such as vagrants, rubbish, trailer trash and so much more. As Isenberg claims that the white trash has always been at a disadvantage since the British decided to dump its people here, she couldn’t be more right. Poor are still and have always been undervalued by the upper and the middle class for being uncivilized and of course lazy. As we look at it, it seems like the class system indeed was never just about the income, the financial worth or the occupation alone but was more about the physical outlook, bad blood and the obstinate breeding. Karin Kamp, on her latest article published in 2016 about the

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