Essay on Are Gender Inequalities Within The Workplace?

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Are there gender inequalities in the workplace in today’s society? One side would say that gender inequalities still exist today. They would argue that they exist in the difference of income, women still to this day, do not get paid as much as men. They would state that if a man and a woman could both have the same education job, the man would still have the better pay. They would also claim that women do not get the same working time that men get. Women could be scheduled to work shorter hours, and they would not only would they be getting paid less but they would also work less. Also, they would maintain that women do not get the same opportunity as men do to a promotion, the people that are the higher ranks would most likely than not be men. The other side would argue that gender inequalities no longer exist in the workplace. They would discuss that it used to be an issue that is no longer relevant in today’s society. They would communicate that women are treated just like men are treated in the workplace. Also, they would claim that both men and women are paid the same. They would also declare that both men and women have an equal chance in getting a promotion. Additionally, they would express that the fact that a person has children would not minimize their chance to get hired. Gender inequalities still exist in the workplace in today’s society.
Women do not get the same opportunity as men to level up in the workplace. Women are simply not viewed as leaders, although…

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