Are Food Manufacturers Slowly Killing Us? Essay

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Are food manufacturers slowly killing us?
Do you think your family meals are healthy? How many times you pick something up in the supermarket and read the labels in fear of unhealthy ingredient. Should we really blame the manufacturers for what people eat or blame individuals for what they choose to consume? Psychologist think if manufactures produce healthier foods then people would have healthier options. Food is essential to one’s life and it is needed to survive. So you would think it’s packed with lots of nutrients and vitamins instead of high fructose syrup, enriched bleached carbohydrates, and high amount of sodium. This topic means a lot to our society because numerous people have a lot of family members that are suffering from disease that occurred from food and some that have passed away as well. This essay discusses topics such as growth hormones used in certain poultry and vegetables that humans and animals consume. Also, the obesity of children’s and adults -the false advertisement of “healthy food”, schools distributing “healthier” foods to children’s, and the ingredients used in fast foods. The contents used in manufacturing fast foods, produce, and poultry are possibly slowly killing our society.
Growth hormones in poultry and produce include harmful chemicals that could affect humans and animals in a negative way. Consumers that have been buying produce and poultry in a regular retail food market has been lied to. Many consumers are not aware that most…

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