Are Electronic Cigarettes Harmful Or Harmful? Essay

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Electronic cigarettes are new so obviously there are many questions on whether these devices are safe, if the chemicals used to make the liquid are harmful, and if second-hand smoke is safe to inhale. The only people who need to be concerned about the nicotine levels of the vapor are actually vapers themselves. This is because the smoke can not do harm to anybody else. The exposure to the smoke is harmless because there is not second hand vapor so it is physically harmless (Burstyn 13). Second hand vapor is harmless, as where second hand smoke from tobacco is equally bad. Smoking tobacco is primarily the number one cause of cardiac and lung disease, which is predicted to kill 1 billion people in the 21st century (Farsalinos 1). Electronic cigarettes are replicating the smoke from a cigarette by exchanging the tobacco for liquid applied over a heating device which produces vapor (Farsalinos 1). Through testing results show that this liquid is much safer than smoking tobacco therefore causing less harm to the heart and lungs (Farsalinos 1).
Vaping has become popular among teenagers which exemplifies the need for more long term research of electronic cigarettes. Furthermore, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention acknowledged the fact that vaping could become a dangerous fad that leads to smoking tobacco among many teenagers in the U.S. (Siegel 1). A new study suggests differently (Siegel 1). Out of 1,300 students at the age of nineteen; forty-three of…

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