Essay on Are Arts Important? Education?

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Are Arts Important in Education?
(An educational analysis of whether or not schools should make art classes required) Many states throughout North America don’t require art classes such as art, dance, drama, and music. While many other states require credits of art classes in order to graduate from high school. Schools in New York City note the problem they have by not requiring art classes in high school. Administrators from New York schools admit that “low income areas in NYC look to cut out art education because of tight budgets” (Raleigh). Many schools are making art classes either optional or taking them out completely because they don’t have the funds to keep them. The many schools throughout North America that require art credits to graduate from high school note the problem the rest of the schools have by making them optional or taking them out altogether. Many people say that art classes teach kids many skills that will help them develop senses and give them skills for life. Ultimately, having required arts classes will help students develop skills they will need for life, and help them develop individually. Valid points on both sides of this controversy proves for a great discussion. Many schools throughout The United States show very much pride in the art programs they have at their school. At Greater Latrobe Junior High School in Unity, Pennsylvania principal Chad Krehlik boasts in his brand new 1.1 million dollar hallway that was renovated to display art…

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