Architechture Essay

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1)What does the study of humanities involve? What is the relevance of humanities in architecture?
1.The study of humanities involves academic disciplines that study human culture and history. The humanities include ancient and modern languages ,literature, philosophy, religion, and visual and performing arts such as music and theatre. We learn about distant cultures or past cultures. Through the exploration of humanities we learn how to think creatively and critically to reason and ask questions. These efforts preserve the great accomplishments of the past help us understand the world we live in and give us tools to imagine the future.
2.What are the broad divisions of human history? Write a brief on each.
Prehistory (meaning
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Early homosapiens originated some 200,000 years ago, ushering in the Middle Paleolithic. Anatomic changes indicating modern language capacity also arise during the Middle Paleolithic. The systematic burial of the dead the music,,early art, and the use of increasingly sophisticated multi-part tools are highlights of the Middle Paleolithic .Throughout the Paleolithic, humans generally lived as nomadic hunter gatherer Hunter gatherer societies tended to be very small and egalitarian though hunter-gatherer societies with abundant resources or advanced food-storage techniques sometimes developed sedentary lifestyles with complex social structures such as chiefdoms, and social stratification. Long-distance contacts may have been established, asThe "Mesolithic," or "Middle Stone Age" (from the greek "mesos," "middle," and "lithos," "stone") was the period in the development of human technology between the Paleolithic and Neolithic periods of the Stone Age. The Mesolithic period began at the end of the Pleistoscene epoch, some 10,000 BP, and ended with introduction of agriculture, the date of which varied by geographic region. In some areas, such as the , agriculture was already underway by the end of the Plestoscene and there the Mesolithic is short and poorly

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