Archetypes Of The Devil Abuse In Jane Eyre, By Charlotte Bronte

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Ved Verma
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Miss Parks
Paper 1 “Take her away to the red-room, and lock her in there”. Mrs. Reed is Jane’s aunt in the book Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. Mrs. Reed is a widow living with three kids, and Jane Eyre. She treats Jane not how she should be treated because she is different from her own kids. Mrs. Reed throughout the book has done nothing positive, every time she was brought up she did something malicious. We’ve seen various ways Mrs. Reed fill in the archetype of the devil incarnate, her treatment and unfairness towards Jane Eyre, her being stubborn for such a long period of time, and not telling Jane about her uncle. Mrs. Reed treated Jane horrendously throughout Jane’s early life, most likely scaring her early
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Reed’s, unacceptable behaviour was through her kids and the way she parented them. Not only did Mrs. Reed abuse Jane but also did Mrs. Reed's kids. Mrs. Reed had three kids of her own, John, Eliza and Georgiana. They very much like their mother, didn’t admire Jane or anything about her. They were abusive, unkind and bullied her on a daily basis. “Say, ‘what do you want, Master Reed?”. Instances like such show how good of a parent Mrs. Reed is, she never really worried about how her kids treated Jane. Instead of telling her kids to stop, she promoted the horrible bullying furthermore by treating Jane atrociously herself. Mrs. Reed always thought of her kids highly, and definitely way better than Jane. Jane thought differently, she thought Mrs. Reed’s kids, John, Eliza, and Georgiana, were the worst. Which is understandable because she got bullied by them every …show more content…
Reed until the age of 10, and after she moved out, went to school and went on with her life she didn’t see Mrs. Reed until the death John Reed. Mrs. Reed sent someone to go fetch Jane because John Reed, one the kids Jane was bullied by, had committed suicide. When Jane met Mrs. Reed after such a long time, Mrs. Reed revealed many things to her. Mrs. Reed told Jane that she has held a grudge against her for all the years since Jane went off on her when she left her aunt’s house. Jane told her aunt how she hated her, and how she's a horrible mother figure. She also told her how she was always trying to impress and make her aunt happy but she never got the same treatment back from Mrs. Reed. She also told her how she had an uncle, John Eyre, who wanted to adopt her but couldn’t because aunt Reed told him Jane was dead. When Jane asked for reasoning behind it, the reason again wasn’t great. She told her she hated Jane to such an extent, she didn't want Jane having a good, pleasant life with her uncle. This shows the amount of unnecessary hatred and evilness Mrs. Reed is full

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