My Grandma The Poisoner Analysis

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In My Grandma the Poisoner, the author John Reed gives a hook to the reader right away. The beginning scene and title is an image of the Reed as a child watching his grandmother weeping in her bedroom. The scene is set up to show the reader what is going through Reed 's eyes and then moves to another scene. It starts with the house and how Reed spent most of his childhood there, the diction he uses sets the tone of a reflective acrimony, describing it as “disgusting” and shows the reader in detail how “depressing” the house was, overridden with expired food.
Nevertheless, presenting the reader with the concept of what they can imagine what Reed’s grandma used to ‘poison’ them with. But, then Reed takes on an approach into his Grandma’s mindset
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This could be because of her father that left her and was bruised so badly that he didn’t want to come home thinking they would love him anymore. This information is key as I believe that this shows how at a young age Grandma’s character started tendencies as a loving caregiver attitude and not wanting anyone to left to her solitary. There are examples of Norman, her youngest son, and how he died right after leaving her house, or his wife’s miscarriage right after visiting. Even though, the reader can establish that John Reed loves his grandma, and still to this day cannot believe the things she did. This is clear in the ending with the language Reed uses that “Grandma would never have hurt me. We had a cosmic bond.” Implying that even when he connected all the dots and realized what she had been doing it accidentally, he still has affection for her. The author makes it sympathize with her and see from his …show more content…
This element that can have the reader question why is this story a nonfiction piece instead of fiction? However, it does have elements of realism as we find out one of the characters is suffering from Autoimmune Disease as well that Tiffany’s and her husband are both scientists that allude to the perception that the visions that her grandmother is seeing are something part of her

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