Archetypes Of ' Pride And Prejudice ' By Jane Austen Essays

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Archetypes in Pride and Prejudice The use and importance of archetypes in the world around is more significant than people think. Archetypes are everywhere, from the increase of your heartbeat, after the hero in your favorite action movie saves the day, to making snap judgements of someone you just meet. Archetypes are such a big part of our human nature, that authors tend to use them in the structure of their literature. In Jane Austen 's, Pride and Prejudice, she uses two counter archetypes, the “smart girl” and the "boy crazy girl”, to point out that marriage should not be solely based on looks and security, but that a good marriage should be based on love and a true relationship.
In many movies and books there is always a character, usually a girl, who is not the most attractive, but seems to make up with with her intelligence and wit. This archetype is commonly referred to as, the “smart girl”. This character, uses their intelligence to separate themselves from others, in a way that makes them seem more superior to others, or so they think. Their intelligence often times leads to social separation, making them misunderstood by others. Perhaps the most important part of this character, is that they overcome a weakness they have, and end up in a good situation in the end. In Pride and Prejudice the character who fills the role of the “smart girl”, is Elizabeth Bennet. This archetype was not usually seen in Austen 's time period, because women were not known for…

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