Arc Welding Essays

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• • • • • • What is Arc Welding The four most common types Non destructive testing Design considerations Strength Safety Feel free to ask questions at any questions at any time.

Arc Welding
• Welcome to the world of WELDING

What is Arc Welding?
An electric arc between the and electrode and the work piece generates heat. Sufficient heat is generated to melt the work pieces together.

The range of welding current used can be from 5 to 500 amps. The voltage ranges from 20 to 30 volts, AC or DC. Both are determined by the material thickness. A 60 watt light bulb draws .5 amps.

Four Common Types of Welding
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Design Considerations
Planning must be done to allow joints to be welded

Because of poor design this weld is difficult to complete successfully.

Weld Strength
• A “good” weld is stronger than the parent material • Welding creates stresses at the weld boundaries • The stresses will always lead to a failure at the weld edges, not in the weld itself

Effects of weldments on fatigue strength
Avoid abrupt changes in stiffness

1 million cycles = 25800 psi 2 million cycles = 22800 psi

1 million cycles = 25400 psi 2 million cycles = 18900 psi 43% reduction in fatigue strength

1 million cycles = 22900 psi 2 million cycles = 13100 psi

Welding Safety
• Arc rays can injure eyes causing scar tissue and even blindness with prolonged exposure • Arc rays emit UV light and have been found to cause skin cancer SPF 1000 sun block is recommended • High levels of current can cause electrocution • Extreme heat can cause severe burns

Welding Safety
Welding fumes are hazardous to your health! • Short term effects include: Nausea, dizziness, irritation of the nose,

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