Arc Of Justice Analysis : ' The Sweet Family ' Essay

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Arc of Justice Analysis The amounts of themes that can be taken from this terrific book are abundant. The story makes the reader really feel and understand the struggles that the African American people faced during the 1920’s. The Sweet family is faced with the fear of riots attacking their new house in a white community. This story questions the principles of right and wrong during this time period. Gaining respect and equality was an uphill battle for African Americans during the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s. The principles of right and wrong are not equal for all races, because of how African Americans treatment from society, law enforcement, and the principle of right and wrong was lost in their economical battle. The treatment that African Americans received from society breaks the principles of right and wrong. Throughout this book Africans are treated like they were the plague that no one wanted to catch. The Sweet family moved onto Garland Avenue a white working-class neighborhood, and the White Americans in the community were displeased. Police escorted them into the neighborhood and into their house protecting them from white protestors. To demonstrate the abuse, “Some “niggers” have moved in and we’re going to get rid of them,” the white women had said”. Generally speaking this shows the hatred towards the race, and foreshadows that the white community is going to drive the Sweet’s out of the community. Another example is how the groups of whites that threw…

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