Applying Grading And Teaching For Students Essay

1445 Words Dec 11th, 2015 6 Pages
With American students falling behind in the world standings of academics, it is time that we review other options of grading and teaching in our educations system if we are going to reestablish ourselves in the world market of education. There is a new concept regarding the grading system known as , Grades out and Badges in, and I believe it would be a sufficient change to assist the level of learning for our students and our rankings in the world education.
Grades out and Badges in is the process of dropping traditional grades and grading systems and creating a new method to chart the progress of students and at the same time reward them for their efforts, just like a video game.
It is not a secret that our traditional school systems are not working because even though we have added technology to the classroom, we are still primarily being graded in the old traditional manner. The current grading system is no longer a correct means to expressing a student’s ability but it rather highlights his inability which puts emphasis upon what he failed or missed and not really on how well he did or how many he actually did right. It is also not a secret that continual negative expressions will eventually affect the student’s thinking. The current grading system promotes and highlights the wrong or the negative and not the positive. Years of subjection to this style of grading can penetrate the thinking pattern of a student and soon their creativity and ability to think…

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