Essay on Applying Fertilizer And Trimming For Keep The Tree Healthy

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Continued Care

Aspens require annual applications of fertilizer and trimming to keep the tree healthy.

Applying Fertilizer

Fertilize aspens in springtime with an all-purpose blend specifically formulated for trees, such as a 19-8-10. Use approximately 1/2-pound of fertilizer for each 1-inch diameter of the trunk. Spread the fertilizer evenly under the tree’s canopy and water in well.

When to Prune

Aspens have a tendency to bleed whenever they are pruned and the bleeding is normal and doesn’t harm the tree. However, it’s best to do any heavy pruning in winter. Trim off any crossing, broken, damaged or diseased branches back to a main branch. It is fine to prune off damaged or diseased branches anytime throughout the year.

Aspens are notorious for sending up root sucker that grow a good distance from the tree and pop up in the lawn. Cut these off at ground level by using a lawn mower or string trimmer. If left uncut, the suckers eventually grow into clones of the mother tree.

Since aspens are susceptible to a host of diseases, use sterilized pruning tools when pruning. Sterilizing your tool’s blades is as easy as wiping them off with a damp cloth saturated in alcohol.

Common Disease and Pest Problems

Aspens are a bit needy when it comes to pests and diseases, as the tree is susceptible to a variety of problems. As with any tree, providing the aspen the proper growing conditions and cleaning up fallen debris under the tree goes a long way in helping the tree remain…

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