Applying A More Lenient And Concise Immigration Policy Essay example

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Annually, immigrants from all around the globe, lawful and unlawful, come to the United States. These people have various inspirations for coming to America. Individuals leave for different reasons, some for money related circumstances and others because their country has a lack of occupations, overpopulated or is war-torn. A considerable amount of these individuals truly believes that the United States is the best place to go. This is what the United States wants immigrants to believe in order for this country to continue to have an innovative and economic advantage along with a culturally rich environment. American immigration policy as it currently stands are not just restrictive but are constantly changing in a way that makes it unnecessarily difficult for people who wish to legally enter the country to do so. Implementing a more lenient and concise immigration policy throughout the country can only stand to improve the United States in a multitude of ways.
Innovative Ideas
Current immigration laws prevent students from obtaining visas after graduation. They are forced to return home and unable to produce the technology and opportunities that help create jobs. Ninety-nine percent of the patents by foreign-born inventors were in science, technology, engineering and math, an area where the U.S. is projected to face a deficit of 230,000 workers by 2018. Nick Schulz from the American Enterprise Institute stated "Every graduate with an advanced degree working in a…

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