Application Of The Computer Software Essay

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The Healthcare Information Technology which started with the application of the computer software in the early 1970s was not widely welcome until personal computers (PC) were made available at the end of this era, (The Right Balance, 2014). In spite of this advancement in the computer usage, according to Technology and Patient Care, (2014) “the actual clinical patient care was never considered until the recent 21st century”. The impact of informatics to the nurses started as the cross over from administration to clinical applications started in each department that needed to accelerate the patients’ data with overwhelming good outcomes. With a change to this advance technology, the automated systems began with radiology, pharmacy, and laboratory. At this stage of data documentation and data assessment, a new beginning has started and adaptation then followed the adoption by other clinical departments. The quality of the healthcare facilities is a clear testimony of the technology known today as the “Informatics technology” which quickly is changing all aspects of the world, creating new challenges and opportunities for different industries every day.
A vital element of healthcare information is nursing documentation. Information systems are designed for nurses where documentation can be best utilized to expand their knowledge of quality of care. The evolution of knowing has been exponential in the past forty years due to the new ways of learning that have been discovered.…

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