Application Of Medical 's Value Proposition Essay

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Applied Medical has disrupted traditional managerial ethos by appealing to a unique business model that allowed the company to grow its business at double-digit rates for almost a decade while keeping all its operation facilities in South Orange County. The base of the company 's unique business model is to strongly favor internally-developed products, processes, and solutions. This model has helped the company achieve its growth goals to become the world leader in the trocar market in less than two decades. However, this philosophy has also kept the company away from ongoing managerial disciplines like six sigma, sustainability, or disciplines that promote the methodical development of innovation.
Applied Medical 's value proposition is to provide good quality medical devices at the lowest price. "We are proud to have a significant and sustainable impact on healthcare by delivering technologies that enhance clinical care and satisfy the pressing economic needs of our customers" ("Applied Medical", n.d., para.1) . There is a new paradigm in the laparoscopic device market where few large competitors ,with leverage over customers due to their large product portfolio, attempt to keep smaller competitors like Applied Medical from gaining market share by appealing to sole-source agreements and bundling practices.
This paper presents a synopsis of the most important organizational and market characteristics to be used as the basis to evaluate and quantify, through…

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