Essay on Application Of File Management System

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Organizations handle vast amounts of data. A large organization may have to deal with terabytes or petabytes worth of data. For a company to be successful, there must be a meaningful way in which the data that is used as a part of company operations is managed. This includes an effective file management system, in which the files are appropriately secured, and the information is backed up in order to meet company requirements. The files generated as a part of company operations are company property, and as such the information must be managed effectively.
File Management
Managing files is a fundamental aspect of business. Organizations have become more dependent on computers, therefore there has been less of a need for physical files. One could argue that files cabinets and paper are becoming obsolete, at least in part. Just as a filing cabinet required a good management system, the same is true for computer files. The information must be stored in a logical way that is intuitive, and aligned with business requirements.
In a Windows network, which is the most common, Windows Explorer is the most effective tool in managing files. It allows you to create, edit, delete, and set permissions on files and folders. It offers the ability to rename files, create subdirectories, and build a logical hierarchy based on the information that is contained within the structure. A structure that is meaningful, and intuitive is essential so that an individual can locate the files…

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