Essay on Application Of Computer Technology On Transportation

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Application of Computer Technology in Transportation.

Today, computers are everywhere performing more and more tasks than they ever have before. The rapid evolution in the computer technologies have significant impact in the human race, as human are so connected to these technologies. Computers have helped to serve people to conduct their activity more productively, error-proof, and efficiently in all contrast of their everyday life than human workers. The benefits that computers have on people is incomparably immense that it wasn’t even thought this technology could impact human lives to this extend when it was built for the first time. There is hardly any area where this technology has not invaded. The transportation, manufacturing industries, research centers, education system, supermarkets, businesses, military systems and weapons, medical systems, power plants, and financial/banking systems are just a few examples that comes in the mind, where these technologies are in extensive use. The development in the computer technologies have devoted number of applications for the modern transportation that, in return, has profoundly improved the safety, security, productivity, efficiency, and simplicity of modern automobiles. Aviation systems, trucking industries, self-driving vehicle systems, traffic control system, GPS tracking, and ODB II can be of magnificent examples of these finest applications that we have today in the ongoing development of transportation.


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