Application For The Resident Assistant Position Essay

1466 Words Jan 31st, 2016 6 Pages
1. I am applying for the Resident Assistant position to first and foremost improve and develop skills that are crucial to not only have in the work field but to use on a daily basis. The Resident Assistant position puts an emphasis on serving as a leader and given the opportunity, I will be able to exhibit my leadership abilities helping the student body mediate common interests. With over 50% of the student body being out of state students, I myself being one of them, it is very important to have and maintain a healthy environment where each and every student can learn and grow in and outside of the classroom. Being a criminal justice major with emphasis on forensic psychology and victim’s services I will soon always be working with people but specifically people who may not have had or continue to lack a support system, a solid foundation for academics, or even financial stability. University of New Haven is full of a wide variety of people with a motley of cultural differences which diversifies the university greatly. Upon receipt of this position, I look forward to having the opportunity to meet, share, and experience our cultural differences.

2. Throughout my life, giving back has always been a passion of mine. While the main role of a Resident Assistant includes insuring that all the students are in a safe environment, I believe its also about truly helping and inspiring each student to grow academically and socially. Many times first or second year students are…

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