Application: Career Counseling for Clients with Addictive Behaviors

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Application: Career Counseling for Clients with Addictive Behaviors

Brandy Williams

Walden University

Career Development I will be talking with a client who is having issues with his career and drugs issues. Using the 4 principles from Motivational Interviewing (Rollnick & Bell, 1992) which is empathy, discussion of discrepancy, rolling with resistance, and support of efficacy, the interview aims at getting the client into the career-changing action they are contemplating. The client John is a 29 year old white male who seeks career counseling. He is employed full-time as a tester for a computer company and works part-time as a DJ for weddings and other social events at night and on the weekends (Capuzzi, D., & Stauffer, M.D.
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I feel that I require some employment soundness since I am not getting any more youthful and I would feel vastly improved in my existence with my occupation.
P: It sounds like a decent alternative to do, increasing such a capability can just enhance your employability as your specialization and skillset will turn out to be more important to your manager. It is safe to say that you are wanting to do this at any point in the near future?
C: All things considered, yes, but...uhmmm...not soon. Simply measuring it all up in my mind. I truly appreciate being a DJ which I do low maintenance it gives me some fervor in my life. I figure I am uncertain in the event that it's the best thing to do at this stage in my life.
P: In any case, is it something that you might want to accomplish for yourself? What is your inspiration?
C: I realize that on the off chance that I have my degree I would be more attractive and can climb in my employment yet I sort of like the fervor from being a DJ. I truly like my field as a result of the budgetary solidness that it gives me however I am stuck and am exhausted in this employment.
P: It sounds to me that accomplishing a degree from what you said can genuinely give positive results to you. In any case, it additionally appears to me that your reasons for alarm are summed up into single word - unmanageability - it appears to me that you expect that if you do it, you

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