Apple Vs. The Fbi Essay

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Apple Versus the FBI
Security and Privacy are the two most important things people think about when it comes to cell phones and who they are made by. Apple is one of the most common phone companies that people buy cellphones from because they are well known for their very good security and privacy settings. Most users of an iPhone have never had any security or privacy issues except for when the latest how to hacks to by-pass the passcode screen on an iPhone that has surfaced on Facebook. Before these how to hacks surfaced, no one ever knew that iPhone could really be hacked. They were the most secure phones to come out in a long time. In December 2015, there was a shooting that accrued at the Inland Regional Center were a group of people gathered to have a holiday party. During the party, Syed Farook, a health inspector, left the party upset. He then returned later on with his wife, Tashfeen Malik, and began open firing on the party. The couple killed 14 people, wounded 21 other people, and left behind multiple pipe bombs. After the shooting, the couple fled the scene in a black SUV that ended up being in a shootout with the police and both ended up being killed ("San Bernardino shooting: What we know now," n.d.).
After the two shooting victims were pronounced dead, the government started looking into the two suspects that carried out the massacre. They wanted to know everything they needed to know about the shooters. Who they were, what they believed in, who they hung…

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