Apple Maintainng the Music Business Essay

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Ever since Apple introduced its iTunes Online Store, the music and technology industries have changed for good. This business venture brought tremendous profits to Apple as a company and the music sector. This success has been maintained by the launch of Apple TV and iPhone in the year 2007. It is this innovativeness that has managed to help Apple stay ahead of its rivals in business. However, there are a number of key strategic challenges facing Apple Computer. All their products face stiff competition from rivals who sell their merchandise at lower prices and possible substitutes as well.
Since the launch of, it is evident that Apple has experienced huge competition. Among
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Excellent marketing skills translate to an upward increase in sales and customers. This is what Apple has been capitalizing on so as to stay ahead of its competitors. The company has received awards for engaging in advertising campaigns that are original and memorable for its services, especially for iPod and iTunes. A successful campaign is that which is capable of attracting new customers through excellent marketing strategies.
Secondly, a company’s success can also be measured by its innovativeness, especially for companies that are in the technological field. With the current fast changes in this industry, a company has to be innovative and come out with hew products every time that satisfies their customers. The opposite would be disastrous, which can even force a company to incur losses or close down. A company like Apple has managed to stay on top by inventing new technologies like the iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV.
The company has also come up with new product lines that include media, hardware and software so as to reach the diversified consumers. These new products are aimed at capturing newer markets in places like Africa and Asia.
A company’s success can also be measured by its globalization over the world. As times keep on changing, the way companies do business also changes (Duane, Robert, & Michael, 2008). It is evident that the world is becoming globalized at a very high rate.
Companies are no longer national but becoming

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