Apple Iphone : A Premium Market Player Essay example

1567 Words Jun 19th, 2015 null Page
Apple iPhone is a premium market player. With that said, it has tried introducing iPhone 5c for a relatively price sensitive market before, a strategy that backfired Apple and iPhone 5c turned out to be a disappointment for Apple. In order to target the Hispanic millennial market, Apple should not reduce their price. They should keep their price range around where it is today as that also gives people the impression of iPhone’s premium appeal. Apple’s iPhone is not trying to be a mass-market player, but in fact trying to capture the growing base of Hispanic millennial consumers.
With the above in mind, since the Hispanic millennials rely heavily on mobile data and text/picture/video messaging, Apple iPhone should work with their service provider partners such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint to make sure they offer plans that have more data and message allowance, even if it is at the expense of talk time minutes. These millennials are not using the phones for voice calls as much as they do for Internet and messaging, hence a strategy that aligns with this interest of Hispanic millennials needs to be designed and executed.
Additionally since the Hispanic millennial consumers are family oriented and prefer living with their parents and families longer than they used to in the past, Apple and their service provider partners will need to devise and emphasize family plans that would provide the best value for Hispanic families. At the same time, Apple and their service provider partners…

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