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Economics is the study of how people use scarce resources to produce valuable produces and issue them in societies around the world. It’s explained through the manufacturing, consumption, and movement of wealth in the economy. The best recommendations while studying economics are economic indicators, they are used for predicting or making a forecast about the economy, and how the economy might be affected by certain circumstances in the society. The purpose of this paper is to identify how certain economic indicators might affect the Apple Inc. industry. The economic indicators to be discussed in this paper are consumer confidence, and consumer price index.
Apple Inc. all started in 1975, when Steve Wozniak created the first microcomputer,
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Yet, the only thing that really kept Apple from falling in the 80’s, was Apple’s 1985 introduction of an affordable laser printer and the Aldus Corporation’s PageMaker. With these two inventions, small businesses and print shops were able to produce brochures, pamphlets, and letters all on their own. Yet despite all the new computer inventions and incredible revenue, Apple was still falling. Apple began to get competition when Microsoft introduced its own graphical operating system, Windows. In 1991, Apple and IBM tried to form an alliance. Apple and IBM created two new software companies, Taligent, Inc., and Kaleida Labs, Inc. Yet due to high production prices and bad compromising, Apple got cold feet and pulled out of the business with almost nothing to show for their investment. In 1993, Michael Spindler replaced Apples CEO, Sculley. Spindler greatest accomplishment as CEO of Apple was transforming the Mac OS to the PowerPC microprocessor. Spindler didn’t have many achievements as CEO, causing him to be replaced in 1996 by Gilbert Amelio. When Apple failed to become profitable under Amelio in 1997, he was replacement with Steve Jobs. That was the turning point for Apple to comeback from their loss …show more content…
The Conference Board manages the Consumer Confidence indicator. The Conference Board gives out five thousand surveys’ to householders around the country every month. The surveys are calculated at the end of each month, and used to determine the consumer’s attitudes toward the economy. It helps companies and the society understand how individuals in the world might act towards the economy.
Before the financial house crisis, the consumer confidence indicator was at its all time high, but once the housing crisis took place the consumer confidence indicator hit a all time low. The graph below shows how the consumer’s confidence ratings altered from 2005 until present day, 2015. The confidence in the consumers may have dropped a tremendous amount, but the confidence in the people is finally being boosted

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