Apple : Apple Iphone Ipad Essay

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APPLE: APPLE is a well-known multinational technology company that is located in California, USA. It creates various electronic gadgets such as Personal computers, Smartphones and Servers etc. Apple is famous for its products like iPhone, iPad tablet, iPod, Smartwatch and above all Macintosh computer. These products are acknowledged for their quality and awesome features. Apple has its software unit which has developed OS X and iOS operating system. Few years back, Apple also started its online services which includes iTunes store, iOS App store, iCloud and Mac App store. This organization was founded by Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak in 1976 and developed only personal computers at that time. As per the data available on a leading telecom website Apple is the world’s second-largest manufacturer of mobile phones. There is no doubt that every product of Apple is remarkable but mobile phones remain the most popular products.
Here are some of the latest apple mobile models
• Apple iPhone 5S
• Apple iPhone 6
• Apple iPhone 6S
• Apple iPhone 6S Plus
• Apple iPhone 5C
• Apple iPhone 6
• Apple iPhone 7
• Apple iPhone 7 Plus
HTC: HTC Corporation is a Taiwan based consumer electronic company which began its operations in 1997. This company manufactures Smartphones & Tablets which are unique and of top quality. HTC played a significant role in development of android mobile operating system. Initially they started operations by producing smart-phones that were…

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