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Have you ever wondered what it feels like when you learn that you are going to die soon? Well, that is what Morrie Schwartz had felt for a year and a month or so. He learned to appreciate life little things that it decided to bless him with. He was diagnosed with ALS in 1994 and he died 1995. Before he died, an old college student of his started to visit him more. After Morrie's passing, Mitch Albom had written a book about his college professor, Morrie, telling us about life lessons and Morrie's wise life he lived. Morrie had many life lessons to teach, and Mitch had appreciated each and everyone of them. The book focuses on many different aphorisms but the three that stand out the most are acceptance, love, and mortality.

With this in mind, the first aphorism that the book focuses on is acceptance. This is big for Morrie because he has learned to accept his disease; ALS. Here are some quotes to support this aphorism; “Accept who you are;and revel in it” (Albom 18). This quote relates to acceptance because you have to learn to accept who you are, and embrace your differences. “If you accept that you are going to die at any time, then you might not be as ambitious as you are” (Albom 83). This quote also relates to the aphorism because if
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Morrie is surrounded by love when people learn that he will die soon. “Love always wins” (Albom 40). This quote is the biggest quote for Morrie because if you don’t love, you don’t have happiness because if you don’t love, then no one will love you back. “Love is the only rational act” (Albom 52). This is what Morrie believes is what only matters. Love is the only good reason to do something crazy, like defend someone or fly out of the country for your love. “Love each other or perish” (Albom 149). This last quote is how Morrie explains that love is all you need and if you don’t love, you will die, even if you are still alive, or you’ll be dead inside for having no heart or no

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