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The recruitment process involves finding the right people for the position or positions a company may be looking for. One has to make sure the individual or individuals are qualified for the position as well. Often times there are many applicants that apply for a position and choosing going through the applications can be a challenge in itself. Company’s go to great length to make sure they project what they would like to the community with regard to their business and community involvement. Advertising can play an important role in this. This is where the company can express its values and culture within the company.
There can be barriers to recruiting such as the labor market and qualified workers that may or may not be
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59% of the companies surveyed already outsource the recruiting.
In another article titled Recruitment and Selection Practices, it discusses general practices and how these different practices work within the organization. It also discusses how these practices affect the organizational outcomes. It is interesting to note that in this article it states that most organizations feel that their recruitment practices are only moderately successful. The trend seems to be that resumes and applications will be screened electronically. This is evident in today’s online environment. It seems to me that the use of key words will be the focus. As the article states the research shows that most organizations use behavior based interviews as the primary interview style. The research also shows that more than half are currently outsourcing their recruiting efforts. This is in line with the previous article.
In an article in the Wall Street Journal it discusses what hiring managers are doing after the application comes in. Some are looking at key words in the resume others look at every detail. In the article it states there are only about 27% that have an internal process to let people know they’ve been passed on. The article states that referrals are given priority over other applicants. Often times the hiring manager will call a prospective applicant to dig further into qualifications before setting up an interview.


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