AO2/A03 How Steve Brankin manages people, finances and resources with in Asidua

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AO2/A03 How Steve Brankin manages people, finances and resources with in Asidua

In Asidua the management of people, finances and resources under Steve are central to business success. He undertakes this huge managerial task in a number of ways. Interviewing Steve gave me a great insight into these methods.

Managing People

Recruitment, Retention and Training of Employees.
Employees in Asidua have to go through a short listing process and a job interview. Jobs are advertised on their website, kike the example in appendix 1 showing the job vacancy for an “Experience NET Designer”. Steve will also make sure that this job is advertised properly so people capable of doing the job can apply.

Another method of
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Form looking at the Job Description it is clear that Steve isn’t just interested in their qualifications he pays great attention to their personal attributes, requiring employees to be open-minded, flexible, have good communication skills and being able to work as part of a team. This shows that Steve wants his employee’s qualities to create a very effective and profitable work force.

Motivating and developing staff
Once all this criteria has been met, it is very important that Steve keeps the motivating of staff at high levels. This is mainly done by investing in employee’s development at Asidua, making sure that they are all keeping strong communication to maintain morale. Methods of training that Mr Brankin will use will encourage employees to update their regular skills in a regular basis which will lead them to enhancing their overall performance. There are several motivational theories that we can look at. One of them is Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Elton Mayo’s Theory. (See appendix 7 and 8) Mr Brankin doesn’t plan to motivate his staff under these theories, Human Resources will manage these. However many of the policies in these two theories may been shown, as long as they are relevant to Asidua when situations arise. By looking at these theories we can see how Steve as put them into practice in Asidua in many different ways.

Strong communication within Asidua are how informal events such as their breakfast club, sports events and

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