Bii Airtel Cash Flow

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Cash flow analysis
Cash flow analysis is considered to be most important among the financial statements as it helps to identify how strong is company in generating cash for paying its bills, creditors’ suppliers and to make necessary investments. A company may have a strong balance sheet and income statement, but if it doesn’t have enough cash to pay its suppliers /creditors then it will lose its business and finally gets shut down. A positive cash flow means that enough cash is coming to company and it shows how strong the company in is terms of serving financial obligation and also a negative cash flow means the opposite. e cash flows are essential to helping analysts assess the company's ability to meet ongoing funding requirements, contribute
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It also includes acquisition of other business and also investment in stock exchange or other market funds etc

Cash Flow From Financing Activities
This section describes the goings-on of cash associated with outside financing activities. Typical sources of cash inflow would be cash raised by selling stock and bonds or by bank borrowings. Likewise, paying back a bank loan would show up as a use of cash flow, as would dividend payments and common stock repurchases.

Cash flow analysis of Bharti Airtel
Parameter MAR'15 MAR'14 Change %
Net Profit Before Taxes 15,655 8,377 86.88%
Adjustments for Expenses & Provisions 3,959 8,021 -50.65%
Adjustments for Liabilities & Assets 1,180 1,475 -20.03%
Cash Flow from operating activities 17,940 16,022 11.97%
Cash Flow from investing activities -12,801 -17,086 25.08%
Cash Flow from financing activities -5,196 1,182 -539.49%
Effect of exchange fluctuation on translation reserve 0 0 0.00%
Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents -57 118 -148.43%
Opening Cash & Cash Equivalents 446 328 35.96%
Cash & Cash Equivalent on Amalgamation / Take over / Merger 0 0
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Gross profit margin = Sales - Cost of goods sold Sales An indication of the total margin available to cover operating expenses and yield a profi
Comparison of Airtel Ratio with Competitor Idea Cellular Limited
Ratio Analysis Comparison Airtel Idea
Investment Valuation Ratios
Face Value 5 10
Dividend Per Share 3.85 0.6
Operating Profit Per Share (Rs) 48.61 26.89
Net Operating Profit Per Share (Rs) 138.83 86.94
Free Reserves Per Share (Rs) -- --
Bonus in Equity Capital 78.37 --
Profitability Ratios
Operating Profit Margin(%) 35.01 30.92
Profit Before Interest And Tax Margin(%) 19.56 15.18
Gross Profit Margin(%) 21.39 15.4
Cash Profit Margin(%) 34.2 24.15
Adjusted Cash Margin(%) 34.2 24.15
Net Profit Margin(%) 23.78 8.98
Adjusted Net Profit Margin(%) 21.75 8.85
Return On Capital Employed(%) 17.32

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