Essay on Antigone, By Sophocles And Creon

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The play Antigone, by Sophocles, is a complex play, which violates several interpretations. The two major characters in the play, Antigone, and Creon are both devastated in the end, leaving the conflict with no clear winner. There may be thousands and thousands of inferences made by people regarding the play after such a fatal consequence at the end, but what is it that makes Antigone a prime character which everyone would appreciate her deed? Hence, it is the true essence of humanity that tells Antigone is a real hero; showing compassion to give her brother a proper burial. In the play, Creon depicts the duty of obeying the state’s law. Whereas, Antigone listens to her heart, and she does what she thinks is correct, which is giving Polynecies, her brother, a proper burial. There is no right or wrong thing on this particular decision. For instance, if you are an idealistic person, you will definitely favor Creon. Whereas, if you are more sensitive and emotional person, you undoubtedly will support Antigone’s courageous act. Three things that are strong enough to prove that Antigone did the right deeds are: she had the right to bury her brother, she was just following the will of the gods and, most importantly, she truly feels the need to honor her family.
For one thing, Antigone has crucial reasons for her actions. She fought againts law to bury her brother. Antigone takes her sister into a room and tells her “What hath not Creon destined our brother the one to bury to…

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