Antigone, Aeneid, And Beowulf Essay

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The readings I’m going to use to compare values are Antigone, Aeneid, and Beowulf. Each of these stories have very strong leading characters, which whom poses values, such as, duty, courage, and compassion. Each story has someone who represents a hero; Antigone, Aeneid, and Beowulf are all considered hero’s in their own respective stories. Antigone is considered to be the most well rounded story when it comes to containing all four values discussed at the beginning of this paper. Antigone has roles as a sibling and a leader. Antigone’s role as a sibling is pretty relevant when it comes to protecting both of her brothers. Antigone’s other role is as a leader, in which she goes against the kings wishes in order to do what the God’s ultimately want and also sets out a path toward ultimately overruling Kreon. The first value that Antigone possess is courage, especially when she decided to bury her brother even though it is against the law. “I’m going to bury my brother- your brother! - with or without your help. I won’t betray him.” (p. 749, Book A). Antigone knows the risk that she is willing to take because of her devotion to her brother, who is being unjustly punished. Antigone was courageous because of her compassion toward her brother. Another value that Antigone possess is compassion; when both of her brothers Eteokles and Polyneikes’ died from fighting one another, Antigone knew it wasn’t fair that Eteokles, who was loyal to Kreon, be buried, while Polyneikes’ who was…

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