Antigone, A Doll House, And The Story Of An Hour Essay

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In the following dramas: Antigone, A Doll House, and The Story of an Hour, there is a conflict of power between the male and female characters. In Antigone a young woman goes against her male superior and disobeys him in a display of self preservation. In A Doll House a woman defies the odds and save her husband only to leave him for another life. Lastly, in The Story of an Hour, Mrs. Mallard believed she was free from her husband 's control only to be disappointed upon his unexpected arrival. All three of these women have been suppressed by a male for most of their lives, but incredibly and even depressingly were able to gain some sense of freedom, at one point, and possibly for just moment.

In the play, Antigone, a young, soon to be married woman named, Antigone disobeys her king, Creon, who is also her uncle. She does this by burying her brother, Polynices, who was killed in a battle with his brother,Eteocles, who also died. All because Eteocles did not want to give up his reign as king after their father had passed. Antigone believed her brother could not enter into the afterlife without a proper burial. “Nor did i think your edict had such force that you, a mere mortal, could override the gods, the great unwritten, unshakable traditions… These laws-I was not about to break them, not out of fear of some man 's wounded pride, and face the retribution of the gods” (Sophocles 1498). However, Creon wanted to make an example of Polynices by letting his body…

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