Essay Antibiotic Resistance Is A Global Health Risk

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Antibiotic resistance is a global health risk. Resilience to antibiotics occurs through the process of bacteria shifting and becoming resistant to the drugs that are used to treat the infections they root. In Tackling antibiotic resistance, Berendonk and colleagues state that “the magnitude of ARB and ARGs increasing the expansion of resistance among bacteria is not fully understood, nor is the idea that ARGs that are obtained by clinically suitable bacteria and environmental bacteria derive from the same source” (310). Globally, researchers don’t even have a fraction of the resources and technologies they need to learn more about antibiotic resistant genes and bacteria. Antibiotic resistance happens when there are a vast number of germs and the drugs used to kill the illness causing bacteria, kill the good bacteria; leading to the takeover of communicable antibiotic resistant bacteria. The spread of antibiotic resistance has been enabled by agricultural and medical uses through the distribution of drugs to to food-animals, the water disposal system, the incorrect use of medications, and the act of traveling; it has become apparent that we need new technologies and research to get past this global problem. One main path of resistance occurs in agricultural farming, where the motivation to have success has taken over the ideal well-being of the animals and the environment around them. The ambitions of productivity and hardiness have led many farmers to use antibiotics in…

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