Antibacterial Substances Of Personal Care Products Essay

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The use antibacterial substances in personal care products –( Against perspective) Antibacterial substances in personal care products
• Millions of people use antibacterial substances in their soap , believing it is essential in fighting germs.
• Researchers at the University of California concluded in three different studies that the tricolsaon and tricarbon in the antibacterial soap have possibility to affect the nervous sytem and sex hormones
• Antibacterial substances make profit of 1 billion in sales yearly. Tricarbon is usually an additive but tricolosan is found to make up 76% of all antibacterial soap
• Engineering and environment Professor Dan Chang , Phd states: "These compounds should be voluntarily removed by consumer product manufacturers,"(Downs, 2008) ; tricolsan causes numerous of negative effects to the environment as well as your body Effects( enviroment) include
 Researchers have proven that most household products with tricloson are being put into household drains , this subtance is very stable and can be present in the enviroment for long period of time.( can become bigger in the food chain due to sunlight ray reaction/exposure)
 Triclosan reacts with light , exposure to the sun 's rays can cause poisonous dioxins to occur in our environment
 Chemicals from the products can flow into the streams of our ecosystem , which can affect wildlife and freshwater sources for the population
 The chemicals Triclosan, Ciprofloxacin and Tergitol NP…

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