Anti War And The Vietnam War Essay

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It is very accurate and honest and precise to the writer knowledge like the Code of Ethic require of the journalist to do, but this article has a negative tone toward the Vietnam War by writing that the bombing of the Vietnam was a failure. As this article was written by someone in the Associated Press, it upholds the Code of Ethic of Journalism. The article was candid about the war and bombing. At this point of the Vietnam War America, a citizen was starting to want nothing to do with the Vietnam and just wanted the fighting and bloodshed to stop. The article brought up the point about the war like how the U.S. government says that they were not targeting civilian, but civilian location like a hospital was hit by accident. This act would just add more fuel to the anti-war sentiment that was going on after the Tet Offensive. The article gives somewhat the U.S. government had used in five billion U.S dollars in planes, bombs, and rocket used against the enemy in North Vietnam. Show the government is using much money to pay for this war that could go to something else .
Another article that does not show bias against the war is 2 Victories Claimed in Central Viet Nam Sweep by Allies, and this article can be found in the Toledo Blade in the issue dated March 22, 1966. This new report describes a win for the American side of the fight in the Vietnam War. The subhead of the report is 117 Viet Cong Body Count after One Battle. The article tells the reader about the two…

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