Anti Depressants And Its Impact On Indigenous People 's Health Spiraling Downhill

1579 Words Nov 26th, 2015 null Page
If you are suffering with depression, what would you do in order to “heal” yourself? The typical Canadian would suggest going to the doctor and being prescribed anti-depressants. Canadians believe clinical medicine can heal almost anyone or anything with the proper resources and knowledge. What if we are wrong? What if participation in traditional ceremonies and healing practices are what can heal anyone or anything? There are many indications that Indigenous ways of healing are efficient and beneficial. This leads to the history of how the western society stripped them of their rights to follow these traditions, and how that may have had a great impact on Indigenous people’s health spiraling downhill. Indigenous people are strong believers that health is tremendously impacted by an individual’s social structures, and Indigenous ceremonial practices can contribute to a positive, healthier lifestyle because they have proven to heal not just physically, but also spiritually, emotionally and mentally with different mechanisms. There are also various reasons they follow specific healing practices.
Indigenous people have survived various challenges regarding the European’s claiming their land. One of the many challenges faced was losing their rights to certain traditions, and throughout these challenges, losing their knowledge on traditional ceremonies, specifically healing ceremonies, which they are struggling to re-discover. When Europeans arrived to North America they brought…

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