Anthropogenic Climate Change And Resource Scarcity

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If left unchecked, anthropogenic climate change will have monumental consequences for the international community. To a large extent, these consequences will arise from the underlying issue of resource scarcity and its associated economic, political and social dilemmas. As a result, this essay asserts that anthropogenic climate change and resource scarcity are intrinsically tied. To develop this assertion, this essay will explore ways in which resource scarcity, as a result of anthropogenic climate change, will affect the international community. Additionally, this essay will explore these effects specifically through the issues of energy security, food security and water security as these issues are the most prominent facets of resource scarcity. …show more content…
Ultimately, through analysing the associated issues, and examining related case studies, this essay aims to provide insight into the effects of anthropogenic climate change on resource scarcity and the consequent economic, political and social effects it will have on the international community.

To a large extent, food security and anthropogenic climate change are linked closely. There is a very clear causative link between anthropogenic climate change and food resource scarcity. As a result, food scarcity is one of the greatest issues brought about by climate change. This is due to the fact that climate change causes a rise in the likelihood of extreme weather events like drought and flooding, which pose a serious threat to food availability and accessibility. To illustrate the threat of food scarcity, this essay shall analyse the role of anthropogenic climate change as a causative factor behind political instability in the developing world. For instance, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) has identified the ongoing drought in South Sudan as a significant contributor

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