Anthem By Ayn Rand 's Anthem Essay

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Does something as simple as a book have the power to change a society? Can a change of rules morph the North Korean culture into a more liberating society? Just as books changed Equality 7-2521 in the novel Anthem by Ayn Rand? As readers dive into this communist and totally controlled society that takes place in Rand’s novel, their minds can’t help but be completely intrigued by such an intense life that our main character, Equality 7-2521, is forced to live. A place where the words “I”, “me”, “myself”, etc. are completely vanished and people act as if they were never words at all. Is that life all that much different from the ones that North Koreans are now living? The government control North Korea has over it’s people can be compared to extremities that are portrayed in the dystopian novel, Anthem. In Anthem, Rand’s purpose is to give an insight to what the world could be like if we let the government control society completely; and the government structure in Anthem provides readers with horrendous comparisons to the society of North Korea. The North Korean society has been completely quarantined from the outside world. For example, no books from anyone but there leaders can be read, no cellphones, no communication with the outside world and definitely no questioning their leader Kim Jong- un.
24.9 million people are caged in like prisoners in North Korea and not many dare to cross the border. The country lives under full allegiance for their leader Kim Jong- un, who…

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