Anterior Cruciate Ligament And Knee Injury Essay

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Posterior Cruciate Ligament
Everybody has experience an injury in their life. If people where to sit down and think about all the injury’s they have had they could name a few. Some people would say their shoulder. Many people would say their hand or their foot. A lot of people can say that they injured their knee. It seems like knee injuries are more common now than ever. There are many athletes every year that suffer from a knee injury. Wither it be a professional athletes or a college athlete people can always suspect a knee injury. Posterior cruciate ligament are one of the many ligaments that can be damaged with in the knee. These type of injury’s can be painful and can happen to anybody.
The posterior cruciate ligament also known as the PCL, is a ligament within the knee that helps keep the knee stable. The posterior cruciate ligament keeps the knee stable by resisting internal rotation of the tibia, preventing hyperextension of the knee, limit the anterior translation of the femur during weight bearing activities, and limit posterior translation of the tibia in non-weight bearing activities (Prentice 534). The reason why ligaments in the knee are so important is because ligaments are tough bands of tissue that connect bones to bones. Without ligaments it would be bone on bong grinding nonstop and that can cause serious problems in the knee. The PCL is similar to the anterior cruciate ligament witch is also known as the ACL, because both connects the thigh bone to the…

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