Anotia And Microtia Case Study

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Paelo Manalo
Dr. Aida Metzenberg
BIOL 241
April 3, 2016
Hear Them Out
The first few weeks of pregnancy are the most critical time any complications that can happen to the embryo; most birth defects occur during this time frame. Anotia and Microtia (AM) are birth defects diagnosed when a baby is born. Anotia and Microtia are almost similar diseases. The treatment depends on the severity of the disease and how the ear is formed.
The diagnosis for the disease is noticeable at birth however the disease usually develops during the first few weeks of pregnancy. The ear is made up of three different parts; they are the outer, middle, and inner ear. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s article “Facts about Anotia/Microtia,” Anotia
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It is known that the birth defect results from a problem during the ear development of a growing fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy. The babies that do develop AM may have a mutation or inconsistency in the gene sequence which may have caused a genetic syndrome. In the case of AM, craniofacial microsomia is the closest syndrome to its description; craniofacial microsomia is a wide-ranged abnormality during the development of a fetus’ skull. These patients have different sizes and facial features in their left and right sides of their face. An attending surgeon at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Samuel J. Lin, wrote an article, “Microtia” which states that about half of the patients with microtia/anotia he worked with presented with craniofacial microsomia. He also suggests that the right side of the face is the side more likely to always be affected with this syndrome (Lin). According to Center for Disease Control and Prevention, taking the medicine isotretinoin, also known as Accutane, during pregnancy is a known cause of AM; taking this medicine has had a pattern of birth defects in the past including AM. Accutane is used by many to prevent the development of pimples and acne in the skin; however it has been discontinued by many retailers and independent stores due it being a factor of birth defects in live births. Many scientists and physicians …show more content…
Surgery happens later in life, from age four to ten, since a baby’s head is still fragile and is highly prone to any injuries. Surgeons do reconstruction or prosthetic ear replacements depending on the severity and type of AM. Other treatments will be provided, only if there are other birth defects present. In the absence of other conditions, children diagnosed with AM can live normal and healthy lives since they can still develop normally. They may have some self-esteem issues due to their different appearance with other children, but there are a lot of support groups that can help.

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