Annotated Bibliography On Specificity And Specificity Essay

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Extended Definition First Draft: Specificity Specificity is a very useful technique, which uses particular and specific words to depict a scene or interpret a concept. Writing specifically is like painting a picture with realistic technique, to make the picture or the concept is deeply engraved in readers’ minds. And no matter the writing is fiction or nonfiction, non abstract language nor vague words are supposed to be used in specific writing. As one of the most powerful writing techniques, specificity needs some understandings and practices to be used most effectively. First of all, there are two kinds of specificities: specificity of words and specificity of ideas. Some writers find that sometimes the using absolute words will make the expression less accurate. For instance, “ Every student wakes up at 6:30” This statement is absolute but also is false. There might be some students wake up earlier or later. The writer can’t promise the authenticity of the information. So they try to avoid to claim an absolute. Instead of using “absolute terms”, such as: all, none, every, never, always, and the like, an alternative method is generalizations. Generalizations can categorize people, places, things, or actions. For example, “Students who are in the class woke up early today.” This statement has more limits and is more accurate than the previous one is. “Students who are in the class” defines the identity of students; “woke up early today” limits the time and the actions…

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