Essay about Annotated Bibliography On Dna Fingerprinting

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This source was extremely reliable as it was developed and published by encyclopedia Britannica who are highly credited for their well written and professionally polished articles. They authors are extremely knowledgeable and experienced on the subject which therefore makes this a reliable source.

This article is mainly background information on DNA and how DNA fingerprinting works. It gives the scientific reasoning and techniques used throughout the process. It begins to give concerns about DNA fingerprinting however does not give an opinion behind it, leaving this article completely unbiased.

This source is relevant to the topic selected being DNA fingerprinting and can be used throughout the essay as an information source. It will be extremely useful in the background information on DNA fingerprinting as it gives a very in depth background of it. It will also give a slight look into the positive and negative sides of DNA fingerprinting. Its balanced view and inside knowledge is useful and relevant to the essay however doesn’t give very much in depth discussion of the positives and negatives of DNA fingerprinting on everyone which would enable it to be used to develop an opinion piece.

Introduction and Biological background:
DNA fingerprinting is technique used to establish a biological comparison between two organisms. When used on humans, DNA fingerprinting can be extremely beneficial for society. It can be used for criminal…

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