Annotated Bibliography : Gun Control Essay

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Annotated Bibliography: Gun Control Everyone has their opinion over Guns, many believe it’s ok to have guns but others disagree. But many have guns for protection, I understand people abuse the power on having guns and commit a crime. Many shootings have occurred this year and last year. I feel that people should be allowed to have guns, but I also believe in order to maintain one, they shall do a background and medical check on the person before allowing purchase. Sanders argues over gun control during his debate against Clinton and O’Malley because Sanders voting against legislation congress of allowing background checks in order to purchase a gun. Clinton disagrees because of how many people have died due to guns, she argues how many shootings have an occur killing many innocent people. The gun control got more serious after the 2012 shooting at Newtown killing 20 innocent children and the recent one from Oregon Community College.
"Democrats Pile on Bernie Sanders Over Gun Control at Debate." Time. Time, 13 Oct. 2015. Web. 03 Nov. 2015. Pena explains in the article how gun control is and how Americans and law enforcement feel about the situation. He talks about the arguments and the arguments in favor of gun control. How there’s already restriction to whom can buy guns like people with criminal records or mental illness, drug addicts, immigrants without legal status. Why people are against because many use guns for hunting, self-defense, etc….Also how in the second…

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