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Caitlind Hosford
8 April 2014
From Backyard Painter to World­Famous Writer
Annie Dillard was born on April 30, 1945 as Meta Ann Doak in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. She was pushed by her high school teachers and attended Hollins College in
Roanoke, Virginia. Dillard studied literature and creative writing. Sometime in her first two years at school she met Richard Dillard, who she would be engaged to marry her sophomore year of college. After she graduated, she married and moved in with her husband. She experimented with all types of art including painting, drawing, and writing poems (Biography). In 1974, she published Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. She then became the youngest woman at 28 to win the
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One critic says about
An American Childhood: “In short, isn't Ms. Dillard overwriting here? I think the answer is yes.
It's the romantic's temptation, and she is an extreme romantic. Still, overwriting and all, “An
American Childhood” remains a remarkable work.” (Perrin). Another critic says: “Dillard almost taunts the reader to distinguish between autobiography and fiction in her writing” (Parrish) Her most famous work, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek was very popular with the public and critics alike.
About “37,000 copies of Pilgrim [at Tinker] Creek were sold within two months of first publication; the book went through eight printings in the first two years” (Parrish). Dillard was receiving so much fan mail that she could not possibly read it all. She was very accepted into the writing community especially after recieving the Pulitzer Prize in 1975. Works Cited
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