Annie Dillard 's An American Childhood Essay

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A Guiding Light In an essay by Annie Dillard called “An American Childhood”, Annie Dillard talks about her childhood growing up. She speaks fondly of her mother and describes the antics that her mother did. Mrs. Dillard relates those antics to the lessons taught to her and her siblings by their mother. These lessons that were taught and instilled in children by their parents is more important than it is thought to be. Positive parental guidance in a child’s life is beneficial in many ways. In contrast, to a rise in the absence of a positive parental figure and the loss of value that it holds. Parental guidance should be held at a higher regard for it is this guidance that brings morals, values, and self-confidence into a child’s life. There are numerous benefits to a positive parental figure in a child’s life. Raising a child is raising the future generation, so it is an important job. By having positive guidance it can build up good self-esteem and self confidence in a child. This is an important thing for children to have as without it they can grow up with a harder time coping with emotional issues. It can also keep children out of trouble. Better parental guidance can lead to a better, well-rounded child. In my experience, I would not be as well-rounded without my parent’s guidance. They always boosted my confidence and has helped me be a more independent person. Because of their advice, I believe I am better equipped to handle the stressful situations that come my…

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