Anne Sullivan 's Influence On America Essays

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Anne Sullivan’s Influence On America

Johanna Mansfield Sullivan Macy, better known as Anne Sullivan, was born in Feeding Hills, MA on April 14th, 1860 to Irish immigrants Alice and Thomas Sullivan. Her family was very impoverished and did not have the means to give Anne a normal life. Her early childhood was rough. She suffered from a rare illness that almost blinded her eyes. Her mother died and left Anne and her two siblings to an abusive father. Luckily, Anne’s father abandoned them and left them to be placed in a poorhouse. Anne’s eyes still bothered her unbearably, and so she had a surgery that restored most of her eyesight. Later on, she got the opportunity to attend a real school, The Perkins Institute for the Blind. Constant bullying was a huge part in her schooling experience. Anne worked incredibly hard and became valedictorian. Her intense work ethic and haunting past assisted her in her amazing journey

Anne’s story begins with the ridiculously famous Helen Keller. Helen too had come in contact with a sickness, but instead of only almost blinding her it left her completely blind and completely deaf at the young age of 19 months old. Working with Helen was very difficult and required a lot of patience. Anne wanted to give her the world. She never gave up on Helen, no matter how hopeless it got with her circus-like behavior. Anne Sullivan exhibited the utmost compassion, and most importantly patience while caring for her student.

At first, Helen was very…

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