Anne Kaysen 's Style Of Girl, Interrupted By Susanna Kaysen Essay

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Writing in someone else 's style is infinitely more difficult than simply writing as yourself. After all, a style of writing represents that author 's thought process, and it is quite difficult to get into the heads of others. In addition, we had to replicate the style of not one, but two very characteristic writers with very different styles and visions for their work. Changing mindsets was slightly difficult; just when I became accustomed to Kaysen 's style, I had to finish with her and change to Flynn. Granted, they have some similarities, but the two authors were still wildly different and it was difficult rapidly changing between them. Susanna Kaysen 's style in Girl, Interrupted is characterized by its simplicity in both the choice of words and the structure of the sentences. The story is remarkably bare of description, and other adjectives and adverbs rarely appear, denying the readers a more personal view of the story. We were never told how the characters looked unless it contributed to the plot, and we never got any description on the decoration of McLean or any other place. For example, Kaysen doesn 't tell us anything specific about Polly; she could have easily slipped a description about the girl 's eye color or her personality besides being a kind person—with the information given, we can 't even decide what race Polly was, and that 's a major physical feature. Another example would be how she describes the living room. Kaysen could have smoothly given us…

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