Essay on Anne Frank 's Life And Life

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Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929 in Frankfurt, Germany. Her family consisted of her father Otto Frank who she called Pim, her mother Edith Frank, and her sister Margot Frank. Anne’s full name was Anneliese Marie Frank, but she preferred just Anne. As a young girl Anne had a normal life and lived in an upper middle-class family. She moved to Amsterdam in 1933 where she attended Sixth Montessori School. She lived a perfectly normal childhood with plenty of friends. But that would all soon change.

Anne’s father moved his family to Amsterdam for business and because Germany was now being ran by Hitler. There he owned a business called Opekta. Life was good for the Franks until the Nazis started coming into Amsterdam. Otto signed his business over to his business partners and worked in the background. Meanwhile he and Edith were preparing a secret annex in the upstairs of Opekta. They created a door behind a bookshelf that lead to a fairly big hiding place. There was enough room for two families. Otto decided to move his family here after Margot got a letter July 5, 1942 stating that she must report to a labor camp in Germany. They moved into the Annex in July of 1942. Anne and her family lived there as well as another family named the Van Pels. The Van Pels family consisted of Hermann and Auguste van Pels and their son Peter. At first Anne disliked Peter and thought that he was lazy and hypersensitive. Her feelings towards him soon changed as she began to go through…

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